One man developer

 I happened to participate in incredible projects, and I want to share with you the results of work. 



PXLink is an independent game developer since march, 2015 in the one person (Oleg Kosovtsov)
"Welcome to my world"

This is my portfolio and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to present you with the work I have been working on for the last few years. Thank you for your interest to PXLink games.


Once in a beautiful and mysterious world, something strange happened...

The old supercomputer that created this world started to break down, it started to lose information cubes. It needed help to calibrate the cubes in order to reboot the system so it created a small creature named Reed!

Reed - the last creation of an old supercomputer, does not have superpowers. Reed has a difficult path to save the whole world in this dangerous adventure.

Can you help Reed and save the world? Everything depends entirely on you and your platforming skills!